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Environment: Jordan’s royal family takes the matter into their own hands

King Abdullah II of Jordan, is known to be a rather… personally involved man. He can be seen lending a hand, for example in a fire that took place in Kamaliya. Recently, he has chosen to show his commitment to the environmental cause, and to say the least, he has taken matters “into his own hands”, to put it literally.

Recently, King Abdullah II and his son, the crowned prince Hussein bin Abdullah, staged a video that praises all of Jordan’s natural wealth. 



Published on Instagram by Queen Rania, the video shows the two members of the royal family taking part in a long scuba diving session, during which they clean the Gulf of Aqaba, which opens onto the Red Sea, by hand. Undeniably, the place is one of the highlights of tourism in the kingdom. 

National Treasure

It is probably for this reason that the royal family, like all Jordanians, wishes to preserve the purity of the place. In her publication, the queen declared: “The magnificent waters of Aqaba are Jordan’s hidden treasure”. 

To preserve this treasure, the two men collected a lot of rubbish, cut and untangled plastic threads, and freed trapped marine animals. 

Also known as leading by example… 

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Published on 26 February 2020



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