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Ever heard of the camel spider?

This impressive insect which looks like it went straight out of a horror film became famous in 2004 thanks to a video posted by American soldiers on a mission in Iraq.

After this discovery, the bug was credited with legendary properties, such as the ability to attack and kill camels in the desert or a length of around 50 cm. Not at all! The camel spider is in fact… a scorpion, an arachnid of the solifugid race also called “wind scorpion” or “giant desert solifugae“.

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10 cm long for the largest specimen

It is usually found in the deserts of the Middle East and Africa. The species feeds mainly on lizards, small rodents and birds and is not considered dangerous or poisonous to humans although its bites can be painful when handled.

The largest specimen ever found is “only” 10 cm long. Well, are you feeling better?

Published on 18 August 2022