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History & Heritage


Faifa Moutains, a Green Haven in Saudi Arabia

In the southwest of Saudi Arabia, near the city of Jazan, Faifa mountains impress with their abundant flora and the typical houses that line their flanks.

Faifa Mountains stretch along 600 km and rise over 2000 meters above the Red Sea. These mountains dominate valleys of unlimited greenery, rich in plants, flowers and herbs. The site is also home to many wild animals, a flourishing nature that attracts visitors from the surrounding countries, but also contributes to the economic wealth of the area.

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Agriculture as the main activity

The density of the fauna and flora, as well as the sandy-clay soil of the Faifa mountains allow the inhabitants to live from agriculture. They cultivate cereals, fruits, aromatic herbs and produce high quality honey in the multiple agriculture terraces that draw the hills.

An authentic heritage

In addition to its breathtaking scenery, Faifa area offers a very typical architecture with old houses of cylindrical shape. These dwellings are often contiguous to circular terraces, giving the mountains a pyramidal aspect. More than twenty tribes and clans live there, infusing the place with folklore made of popular arts, wise proverbs, poems and legends.

Published on 10 October 2018