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Focus on Manama, elected tourism capital for 2020

That makes two for the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain! Manama wins the title of Arab Capital of Tourism, having already obtained it in 2013. An announcement made at the 22nd session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Tourism, held in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia.

Between a taste for modernity and the traditions of the old quarters, Manama is one of the most attractive. Nestled on the northeastern tip of the island of Bahrain, the capital is located in an Arab country known for its prosperous economy. It offers visitors a wide range of entertainment (luxury hotels, shopping centers, theatres, etc.), but also captivates them with its history and magnificent buildings.

A major financial center

If Manama is one of the most sought-after destinations in the Gulf, it is partly because it reflects the wealth of its emirate. The city is growing rapidly, making it a major financial and communication center. This is evidenced by the central business district and its World Trade Center. Consisting of two twin towers, built in 2004 and 2008, it pays tribute to the victims of September 11. The capital is also home to the country’s largest shopping mall: the Seef Mall. It has 340 shops, 60 restaurants, a cinema, and even a water park. Hard to get bored!

Looking for authenticity? Manama reveals all the beauty of its past just a few steps from the buildings…


In Manama, past and modernity cohabitate. The proof, the ancient gateway to the Bab Al-Bahrain country, near the skyscrapers, opens onto the souk. A labyrinth of small streets, lined with all kinds of goods, coffees, and spices, where the typical Middle Eastern atmosphere reigns supreme. The ideal starting point in order to then head towards the Al Fateh mosque. A place of worship spanning 6,500 m² (6,500 sq ft), the fiberglass dome of which houses sumptuous stained glass windows and walls covered in Italian marble. The other site not to be missed is the National Museum of Bahrain. An unavoidable step to understanding the history of this small country and have an overview of all its riches.

Those in search of spirituality can plan a trip to the desert, 40 kilometers from the capital, and approach The Tree of Life. A very old acacia tree, 450 years old, which legend has it that it is the only remnant of the Garden of Eden…

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Published on 10 January 2020

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