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Focus on the Sharjah Fringe Festival

A few months ago you were introduced to the cultural importance of the emirate of Sharjah for the Middle East. Of all its events, the Fringe Festival, which is set to begin on January 16, is expected to be one of the most glaring…

In 1998, the small emirate of Sharjah was dubbed the “Cultural Capital of the Arab World“. Since then, it has been working tirelessly to live up to this title. Between the Sharjah Biennale, the Festival of Islamic Arts and, in a few days’ time, the Fringe Festival, events abound.

The Fringe Festival, founded in Scotland in 1947, is the largest arts festival in the world. In its Emirati version, it is expected to bring together some 600 shows and other artistic performances, from theatre to music to magic, over 17 days.


International Productions

At iconic venues throughout the city, a number of well-known productions will be presenting their shows, including “The Amazing Bubble Man” from the United States, “Stick Stones Broken Bones” from South Africa, “Grumpy Pants” from Spain, and the award-winning magic show “The I Hate Children’s Show”. Definitely, an event not to be missed!

Published on 3 January 2020