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Focus on: The sustainable City

The United Arab Emirates makes it a point of honor to carry out virtuous projects, undoubtedly to meet the obvious challenges facing the region. Among these projects, The Sustainable City, which can literally be translated as La Ville Durable, stands out. Focus…

The Sustainable City is a 46-hectare real estate project located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its construction began in 2013 and was completed in 2018. Located on Al Qudra Road, it is the first net-zero energy development in the Emirate of Dubai. 

The community includes a residential area of 500 townhouses and villas overlooking a courtyard, with an organization inspired by the old Bastakiya district in Dubai. To enable the inhabitants to maintain a sporting activity in the best conditions, shaded cycle and jogging paths are available. There is also an equestrian center and, in order to improve air quality, the district is surrounded by a wooded area. 


Range of services available

The village is equipped to best meet all the needs of the population. It contains health care clinics as well as a bank, a mosque and a traditional souk market. Carts are available on-site, because apart from peripheral roads and parking areas, cars are not allowed

On the food side, the inhabitants rely heavily on local production, following a self-sufficiency objective. The village has 11 natural “biodome” greenhouses, organic farms, and individual gardens. They operate with a passive cooling method using fans and buffers. 


Autonomous village

Locally produced, it is also a question of energy, with the excessive presence of solar panels on parking areas and roofs of homes. In addition, houses are equipped with UV-reflective paint to reduce the temperature inside. 

Finally, recycling is omnipresent, particularly for construction waste, but also for wastewater.

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Published on 13 August 2019

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