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Four places in the Middle East where you can still find snow in winter

In the Middle East, too, some places are under a white coat during the winter. An overview of the four regions where you can find snow during the winter season.

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Yes, it snows in In the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the climatic disruption, the city of Tabuk has been experiencing snowy episodes for several years. A necessary evil since it does not displease the Saudis who take advantage of every snowflake.


There is a good chance that you will discover a snowy mantle in Jerusalem this winter. If so, you will be captivated by the rendering: an immaculate white that covers the great mosque, an image that can only be seen within the Holy City.

Jerusalem old city and villages around during a snow storm

Amman, Jordan

Like Tabuk, Amman has experienced an increase in its snowfall for several years. In this region of the Middle East, you will find temperatures that can drop to zero degrees at night.

White Amman City with trees and buildings Amman Jordan

Ifrane, Morocco

Morocco can be a beach destination in summer, and the best place to ski in winter. In Ifrane, it is not surprising if you feel disoriented because of the sumptuous landscapes which, once covered in snow, are unrecognizable.

A beautiful day in Michlifen with snow and trees

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Published on 21 February 2019