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From the shadows to the light, Sara Al Saud, the Saudi designer who dresses the stars

In 2008, this Saudi designer and her sister Death By Dolls founded a brand that promotes women’s empowerment and acceptance of her difference. Ten years later, singers, actresses and models are tearing up her creations and displaying them on the web.

Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Hayley Baldwin… What do they have in common? In recent years, all of them have been dressed by the same designer, Sara Al Saud. The Saudi designer has won over American celebrities with her brand Death By Dolls founded with her sister in 2008.

It was in October 2018 that Sara Al Saud really came out of the shadows. Her feat of arms: having designed the costume chosen by Beyoncé for a Halloween party, a purple Adidas leotard on one leg, in homage to the American Olympic sprinter Florence Griffith-Joyner, alias Flo-Jo, who died 20 years ago.


By honouring the world’s fastest woman, Beyoncé put the spotlight on the designer of her costume, who also posted the sketches of her creation on her Instagram account.



Sara Al Saud, a designer of the shadow

Despite this sudden notoriety, the designer is a regular among celebrities. Since 2008, his brand has won an internationally renowned clientele and several stars have been spotted with his creations.

For the release of the single “Made For Now”, Janet Jackson featured Death By Dolls pieces in her video clip.


Similarly, the Hayley Baldwin model was seduced by a jacket made of sky blue jeans from the same brand.


Now based in Los Angeles, where Death By Dolls is also based, Sara Al Saud has made a name for herself

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Published on 8 March 2019