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Godzilla stormed the Burj Khalifa

Five years after the first “Godzilla”, directed by Gareth Edwards, the second part, entitled “Godzilla: the king of monsters”, is released in the rooms of the Arabian Peninsula. On this occasion, director Michael Dougherty played the spectacular card for the promotion of the film on May 30 in the United Arab Emirates. Four of the monsters – the three-headed Ghidora, the winged Mothra, the fiery Rodan and Godzilla – have virtually stormed Burj Khalifa’s front.

Godzilla, a monster on the roof of the world

In front of an audience of spectators facing the world’s tallest skyscraper, three of the actors in the film, O’Shea Jackson (CWO Barnes), Millie Bobby Brown (Madison) and Thomas Middleditch (Sam), launched the operation in a promotional video.