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Healthcare, a new step in the emancipation of Saudi women

The Saudi social system is once again translating its commitment to change into concrete action by granting women in the kingdom the right to access medical care without the consent of a guardian.

The male guardianship system in Saudi Arabia is further weakened by the recent announcement by the Ministry of Health that all local health facilities are being ordered to grant women the right to seek care without the approval of a male guardian. 

Another step forward

Until then, the male guardianship program prohibited women from undergoing any medical intervention without a man’s permission. A few years ago, however, King Salman stated that women were no longer required to provide consent from these guardians, but without any action being taken. 

This announcement follows various recent announcements in support of women’s empowerment. They can now drive, apply for a passport, and travel outside the kingdom in a completely autonomous manner. 

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Published on 6 November 2019


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