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His garden statues are in fact treasures of ancient Egypt!

Unusual: in the East of England, two garden statues, bought for a hundred euros 15 years ago, turn out to be relics of ancient Egypt, worth 260 000 euros!

Look around your garden better, you may be in possession of an ancient Egyptian treasure… In any case, this is what happened in the town of Subury, north-east of London, to the two owners of these Egyptian statues with sphynx figures typical of ancient Egypt. 





Bought for a few hundred euros fifteen years ago, these statues were used as simple garden decoration. Recently, the owners decided to resell them, for about 400 euros at an auction. Then the offers to buy them became frantic, reaching up to 195 000 euros! An expert appraisal was therefore carried out on the initiative of Mander Auctioneers, the auction company in charge of the sale, which concluded that these statues were replicas dating from the 18th century


An ancient treasure found more than 4000 km from Egypt

And it turns out that after further analysis, these relics are indeed authentic, and at least 3000 years old. “It turns out that they are thousands of years old, and are authentic. It’s just incredible, really!” a representative of Mander Auctioneers told CNN. 


How did these statues end up in the north of England, more than 4000 km from their place of origin, and thousands of years later? This is surely explained by the travels of the “Grand Tour” in the eighteenth century, during which young English bourgeois travelled through Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and brought back with them many finds.

We now have to wait for the results of new analyses to discover the mysteries of these statues…


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Published on 14 October 2021