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Hop on your phone for a virtual tour of the Temple of Helios in Baalbek

A virtual tour takes visitors back in time to Baalbek, the ancient Heliopolis, in Lebanon, through an app available on Google Play Store, and downloadable on mobile, tablet, or any other digital device.

Archaeology will soon hold no secrets for you. As part of a program to democratize access to the archaeological sites of Baalbek, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Temple of Helios can now be visited virtually, in 8K resolution and 360 degrees.

The virtual tour, made possible by the Directorate General of Antiquities of Lebanon, the German Archaeological Institute, and Flyover Zone, an American company specialized in virtual tours of archaeological sites, features the reconstruction of the ancient Roman temples and shows what they would have looked like in 215 AD.

Amazing visits, beyond the real

Launched earlier this month after two years of development, it is now available for download on Google Play Store, and can be used on tablet, mobile, computer, or virtual reality headset.

And the other point that will delight all lovers of history and relics, is undoubtedly the following: the tour even allows viewers to go to areas inaccessible on foot, or in those lost over time during reconstruction. For example, the Temple of Jupiter, which was almost completely demolished by earthquakes and looted for its stones during the Christian rule of the emperors Theodosius and Justinian. So get your smartphones at the ready!

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Published on 8 April 2021