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How are Dakar drivers living their first Saudi race ?

The Dakar, a mythical race puts bodies and machines to the test. Sand and stones can put an end to the dreams of victory of the greatest champions. We went through the social networks of three of these extraordinary athletes to give you their impressions and reactions to this first Dakar in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula.

No need to introduce Fernando Alonso, the famous Formula 1 champion, a new adept of the difficult roads of the Dakar! Since the start of the race, he has been giving himself a recap of his day every evening. One might wonder if he doesn’t miss the well-surfaced roads of the Catalan Grand Prix, as he seems to be complaining about the rocks on his way…


Fortunately, Alonso and his co-driver Marc Coma get along wonderfully and despite the difficulties, they continue to progress and are still in contention for the final victory! Good luck Fernando, we know that champions like you never give up!

Laia Sanz is nearly a legend: this is her 10th Dakar and she is an accomplished athlete for many years. 13 times Women’s Trials World Champion, she has nothing left to prove to anyone… except maybe herself? She calls the Dakar a physical race, and we understand her! It’s an exhausting race for the body and the mind, but Laia remains positive despite difficult moments like after her fall in J2: her sensations are great and everything seems to be getting better!


Toby Price is a pioneer: he is the first non-European to have won the Dakar! Winner in 2017 and 2019, he is the titleholder in the biker category! And this year the race still seems to give him a good feeling: he won the first stage and is currently 3rd in the general standings, so he remains a serious candidate for his own succession! We wish him all the best for the future!


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Published on 10 January 2020


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