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In Dubai, a robot sways to oriental music



Technology never ceases to surprise us.

At a recent event organized by the world’s leading producer and supplier of personal security solutions (NAFFCO), the famous Brazilian robot Robozão made a highly visible appearance at the Dubai Convention and Exhibition Centre.

From the top of his 2.6 meters, this world-famous partygoer, known worldwide for his dance moves, set the crowd on fire by swaying to “Taal”, an Arabic song by Iraqi singers Ali Jassim, Mahmoud Alturky and Moustafa Al Abdullah.

When man is at his side, the robot dances

Created by Brazilian Lei Almeida, Robozão is a real celebrity on social media and each of his appearances in festivals, events or conferences to entertain guests is often filmed.

This latest video of Robozão dancing with a group of men in Dubai has once again caused a sensation on social networks.