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In Dubai, Lewis Hamilton jumps into the void

We know the taste of the F1 driver for extreme sports, since he made his job. But from the top of a plane in the middle of the Dubai desert, the seven-time world champion jumped into the void... and even performed acrobatic figures. That's all it took!

Would you do it? A parachute jump at more than 4000 m height, above the wide orange sandy expanse of the Emirati desert, a few days after having participated in several Formula 1 races in the region?

Nothing stops Lewis Hamilton, after his 7 victories as a Formula 1 world champion, this time it is in the air that he decides to rush at high speed, even risking somersaults and other acrobatic figures in mid-air, as shown in this video he posted on his Instagram account this Monday.


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Proof that a world champion’s eager for thrills is on land as in the air!