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In Lebanon, civil aviation is beginning to employ women

Mainly dominated by men, the aviation world in Lebanon intends to modernize.

After Rola Hoteit, Lebanon’s first female airline pilot in 2010 and Erika Chbeir in 2016, four young Lebanese women – Stephanie Kteily, Angela Mourad, Stephanie El Helou and Yara Darwish – have joined Middle East Airlines as pilots to challenge the stereotypes of the profession in Lebanon.

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over the years I’ve developed the habit of making one wish on every flight! My wishes could vary from a very simple wish like remembering where I parked my car to a more meaningful wish like finding my boys still awake when I get home….. Some wishes do come true and some others fail…… Today’s wish is more like a dream!! As my son is about to leave home this summer and travel abroad to study, I really wish that Lebanon will become a clean, peaceful, and secure country that treats all its citizens equally and provide all with equal opportunities based on potentials not connections….. Maybe then my son would come back home!!!!! #son #mother #wish #dream #sky #travel #hope #lebanon #lebanese #pilot #motherly #love #care #affection #relationship #flight #europe #day #trip #istanbul #turkey

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Women pilots take the lead

The airline has recently chosen to open its doors to many trainees, without gender distinction, thus allowing several women to exercise this profession historically closed to women.

Unfortunately, this inequality is not the only fact of Lebanon. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, only 3% of pilots in the world are women.


Published on 6 March 2019