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In Los Angeles, Tunisian crafts are well exported

Judging by the success of the “Maison of Hand” brand, which specializes in furniture and interior design, it seems that California has fallen in love with North African influences for sale.

It is from the association between the American Jesse Terry, who lived in Tunisia, and the Algerian Faycel Mekbel, that the “Maison of Hand” boutique was born. Located in La Brea, a suburb of Los Angeles, it covers an area of nearly 1200 square meters and offers various household items of northern-African inspiration, such as the famous Sejnane pottery, promoted by UNESCO as an intangible heritage.


“Cultural heritage”

The co-founder of the company Faycel Mekbel recently told Los Angeles Times that he “liked the idea of bringing something from elsewhere that was also part of its cultural heritage (…) There is a unique dimension that we have not seen here”.

The Algerian, who started by renovating and decorating Airbnb in Bali, needed a new project in which to express his passion for interior design. So he contacted a Tunisian supplier and opened his brand, in which he now offers elements “bohemian chic, can work with anything,” according to his business partner Terry, “these pieces are Mediterranean, and it’s the look here – the weather, the way people live, outdoors, the natural colors, being eco-chic. We thought it would fit in well here. The two men also pay particular attention to the ecological dimension of their selection.

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Published on 7 November 2019