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In Saudi Arabia, women become notaries for the first time

This week, Saudi Arabia was noticed again for its efforts towards women empowerment. 12 women have indeed been granted notarization licenses, announced the Saudi Minister of Justice. 1313 notaries, all men, are licensed across the Kingdom.

It’s groundbreaking news for the Saudi legal world. The women who became notaries will now be able to issue and cancel powers of attorney, certify transfers of property, or document a company’s establishment.

Saudi Justice is changing

This new step towards Saudi women’s emancipation is part of the Ministry’s National Transformation Programme. A service of private notarisation had already been implemented last February which transformed the profession completely. It gives the possibility to women, and existing notaries, to practise in independent offices.

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For the Minister, it is the promise of developing a new economic sector. For women, it is the sign of major social changes. Interviewed by the Saudi Gazette, one of the new women notaries shared her enthusiasm for her new job and confirmed the career opportunities given to the women of her country.

Published on 30 August 2018

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