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“Jetman” flies 1,800 meters into the Dubai sky…

A new altitude record for a man flying without a vehicle, 100% autonomous, was broken last Friday in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, when the man nicknamed “the aeroplane man” took off at more than 1,800 metres.

His name is Vince Reffet, but everyone calls him “Jetman“. Last Friday, he amazed the world after being filmed achieving the feat of rising to 1800 meters in the skies over Dubai



An historic achievement 

For the organizers of the 2020 World Expo, this is a “historic achievement”. At the age of 34, and equipped with his only jetpack, he first floated on the waters of the Gulf, before rising to this record altitude and then opening his parachute at some 1500 metres above the ground. 




This “Jetman” isn’t at his trial run. Together with his acolytes, they made several videos in which they staged themselves jumping in the air from high buildings, or flying over the desert in epic videos in very high quality. 


Performances of this kind have multiplied in recent years. In Europe, Franky Zapata, the inventor of the flyboard had undertaken a few months ago to cross the Channel with his flying machine. A bet then succeeded on the second attempt. The future of personal mobility already seems assured, and promises to be exhilarating! 


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Published on 19 February 2020