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Lebanon launches its first electric car

Electra aims to transform the automotive market in terms of price, performance and class. To achieve this, its Canadian-Palestinian founder Jihad Mohammad proudly unveiled the release of his first electric car, which will be on the market as early as next July.

Named Quds, the Arabic name for the holy city of Jerusalem, this car, assembled in Lebanon, is determined to overturn the Lebanese car market.

An eagerly awaited inauguration full of emotion for its designers

“Quds is going to conquer the world” said the company’s communications officer, bursting into tears. And she is not the only one to think so. All of the employees present at the inauguration showed great smiles when they revealed the car. Quds is a source of pride for Lebanon. 100% Lebanese and 100% electric, the vehicle is, according to its creator, Jihad Mohammad, “a dream come true” for Lebanon.

“No one believed us, but we are here,” he continues, despite the fact that many people did not believe in the project’s success due to the economic crisis that the country is going through and its political and regional instability.

A car on the road of energy transition

Environment-friendly and suitable for the average consumer, this car reveals the desire of its designers to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy without compromising car design and performance. 

With a range of between 250 and 400 kilometres, a battery capacity of up to 45 kilowatt-hours, and 240 horsepower, this vehicle succeeds in combining respect for the environment with the power of a combustion engine car. 

While the battery, the heart of Quds, is imported as a spare part, it is fully assembled on site at the factory

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A car for a wide range of consumers 

“Looking at the electric vehicle market, we found that electric cars were either very expensive or not very attractive to customers. So, in order to increase customer interest, we decided to design and build a car that would be qualified as a supercar, while remaining affordable for our customers with a moderate budget,” says Jihad Mohammad. 


Its entry-level price will therefore be USD 30,000, with payment facilities for Lebanon, due to the drop in purchasing power and restrictions on access to foreign currency assets. However, it may however be as high as 70,000 dollars for a car equipped with all the options

This prototype is only the first of a long series and Jihad Mohammad hopes to open more factories in the country in order to produce around 100,000 cars within 5 years. An achievable challenge at the heart of a sector already well advanced in the energy transition

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Published on 24 February 2021