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Lebanon: making jewelry with the rubble

L’atelier Nawbar, an institution of the Lebanese jewelry industry, uses debris from the explosion in Beirut to make jewelry, and donates the funds from the sales to NGOs and associations that come to the aid of the disaster victims and work to rebuild the city!

How to put creativity at the service of renewal? How can each actor put its own forces at the service of reconstruction? So many questions that motivated this new initiative to support the victims of the disaster that struck Beirut on August 4.

Two weeks after the terrible blast, support has been put in place, both within the country and internationally, and everyone is doing their part, even if never.

As if by a twist of fate, the renowned jewelry house known as L’atelier Nawbar, chose to take part in the struggle, using the very rubble of the incident as a base material.


Resilience and Hope

The city is, in fact, drowned by broken glass. For the jeweler, this represents a phenomenal breeding ground of materials to be used, to be recycled in order to produce pendants, bracelets, rings, and other necklaces, all proudly displaying the colors of Lebanon. Here a flag, there a cedar, so many symbols that make the collection a true patriotic totem embodying all the love of the brand to its country, and all the resilience of its people. “It is not only a tribute to our country but also a symbol of our hope and our will to rebuild and find the strength to persevere and continue doing what we love,” said Dima and Tania Nawbar, the founders of the brand.

All proceeds from the sales of these ephemeral collections are donated to local charities.


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Published on 25 August 2020