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Mawid, the Saudi app to self diagnose Covid-19

The Saudi Health Ministry has created a specialized self-diagnosis feature through their smartphone app, Mawid, in response to the multiplying coronavirus. This consultation service remains entirely free and has successfully assessed around 250,000 Saudis thus far.

Beyond the self diagnosis, Mawid instantly connects users to health professionals in their area, with 2,400 health care centers to choose from. The application follows the Kingdom’s standard “Central Appointment System,” but digitalizes the initial stages of medical care, in times of social distancing.


Lightening up the lines

The application also enables individuals gain some sense of control regarding their health in times where medical centers are overburdened and telephone lines are oversaturated. It is entirely normal for most people to encounter queries during this highly contagious pandemic, and the safest way for those to be answered is through the digital sphere if possible.


Old app, new feature

Although the application was launched in 2019, as part of the ministry’s plan to implement digital transformation through technology, the self-diagnosis feature has launched very recently.

Users says it works rather seamlessly. After creating an account, they fill out a self-assessment survey, and once completed, they will receive in-depth feedback according to their symptoms and recent travel history.

An aid, not a solution

By no means can an application replace the in-person care that is needed for a portion of the diagnosed patients, but it is one tool, among others, that will help provide more information in times when it is most needed.

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Published on 3 April 2020




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