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History & Heritage


Middle-East : a call for projects in the field of heritage

The Association Universitaire de France, which supports university actions and projects aimed at professionalization, wishes to collect project proposals in the field of heritage preservation in the Middle East

The AUF, the association of higher education and research institutions, also an operator in the French-speaking world, lists among its missions the challenges, among others, of getting involved in the development of companies and guaranteeing the employability and professional integration of graduates.

It is within this framework that its Middle East regional directorate is launching a call for university projects related to the heritage to be supported. The objectives of this call are to professionalize training in “Heritage”, to support the creation of tools for the enhancement of heritage, as well as digital heritage.

If projects are to be submitted by institutions affiliated to the AUF, in order to create opening links preference will be given to projects proposed by a network of institutions or institutions from different countries. Particular attention will be paid to the professionalising and innovative aspects as well as to the relevance and coherence of these projects.

Heritage, an opening to the world

The Middle-East abounds in an extraordinary cultural heritage. Numerous oriental sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the ancient city of Al-Hijr in Saudi Arabia, Biblos in Lebanon, Qusair Amra Castle in Jordan, the ancient city of Aleppo in Syria or the historic heart of Cairo in Egypt. Thanks to these majestic cultural resources, the region enjoys an international cultural reputation.

And the audience is there. As proof, the exhibition “AlUla, wonder of Arabia” held at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris is extended until March 8, 2020, due to its success.

Published on 29 January 2020