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Middle East: Spotify launches platform to promote female artists

This new initiative is called Sawtik, and it aims to support and cultivate the immense talent found among women artists in the Arab world.

Studies conducted by the Swedish music streaming platform Spotify are unfortunately unequivocal: over the last decade, the number of female artists from the Arab world signed by regional labels has been declining significantly. And this, despite the immense work done by legendary artists such as Fairouz or Oum Khultum to break down the doors and bring visibility and recognition to the talent of these female singers with a golden voice.

Helping young talents emerge

To remedy this, the platform launches a … platform (platform-ception) entirely dedicated to the promotion of these artists, confirmed or emerging, but still in need of more visibility.


Jara is a Saudi rapper.

In Arabic, Sawtik means “Your voice”. An interesting naming for an initiative whose objective is to support these artists, and to stimulate their careers by helping them break into the music industry, notably through marketing campaigns, workshops, and educational opportunities.


Sarah Chafei is a young Saudi singer.

A multi-channel initiative

At the same time, a playlist of the same name has been created on Spotify. It will act as a showcase for Sawsik, making it easy for interested parties to discover young talents from all over the Arab world, such as Algerian rapper N1YAH and Egyptian singer Felukah. These start-ups also benefit from the full support of some of their more renowned sisters, such as Tunisian singer Latifa Arfaoui, who has joined the project alongside Spotify to support and guide the young singers in this adventure.

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Published on 18 November 2020