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Miss Feionkah teaches Saudi Arabia art of making chocolate

Initiated into pastry and chocolate making through her mother’s traditional know-how, Roaa Saud Saber improved her skills at the side of the world’s greatest chocolate chefs like Bart Van Cauwenberghe. Through her brand, Miss Feionkah, she passes on her passion to new generations of Saudi chocolatiers, as well as gourmands from all over the world.

Her adventure started in the intimacy of the familial kitchens, where secrets of traditions are kept with the greatest safety! Her methods have been perfected in contact with the best chocolatiers in the world. With her now extensive knowledge and an original style inspired by the flavors of Arabia, Roaa Saud Saber founded her own chocolate house, Miss Feionkah, in 2018. A real success that is now seeking to be exported.

A Saudi-styled “self-made woman”

Roaa Saud Saber is one of these women that are unstoppable. She has always been deeply passionate by pastry and especially the chocolate making. In addition, her lack of professional experiences and academic skills have never slowed down her ambitions. Roaa Saud Saber was an attentive and diligent student while her mother was training her. She has never doubted the ancestral methods she got from her mother and which have always passed from one generation to the next, behind the impenetrable doors of familial kitchens.

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Galvanized by this first training she got at home, her heart intimately pushed her to go further, and sell her sweet creations. Her family was very supportive and many of her acquaintances became her earliest customers, the most faithful and enthusiastic ones!

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From passionate craftswoman to renowned artist, a worldwide epic

According to Roaa, turning one’s passion into a profession is a real challenge, even a sacrifice. However, the first success of her then very private and craft creations gave her wings and made her widen her dreams. Thus, she hit the roads of the great chocolate factory, the Haute Chocolaterie! That of France and Belgium, that of the great chocolatiers like Bart Van Cauwenberghe, the Belgian ambassador for chocolate and one of of the Belgian royal family’s chiefs, with who she trained and improved her professionalism, techniques and method. Officiating in the family kitchen as an apprentice, she has become a disciple of one of the greatest chocolate masters and learnt the academic rules of the art of chocolate.

If she wants to innovate in this already very popular environment and be able to promote her Saudi stamp on the international market, she has to learn more, to push her limits back. So, on the roads of South America, the United States and Asia she has deepened her knowledge, especially in the manufacture of cocoa butter from harvested beans.

All the knowledge she has accumulated during her journeys gives her confidence. It is now time to start up. “Turning a passion into a business requires a whole different set of skills. When you start up or run a business you will be spending more than half the time on tasks that you are not necessarily passionate about. You will be running after government officers, putting together a marketing plan, managing a full team. You will no longer just make chocolate,” she explains with an experienced tone in Arab News. Indeed, the young entrepreneur and Saudi chocolate artist can be – 10 years after the launch of Miss Feionkah – very proud of her success with chocolates that are exported beyond Saudi borders.

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A real chief does not only lead, she teaches!

Beyond her perseverance and her diligence, Roaa Saud Saber knows how to see far and to anticipate. These are the keys to longevity in business! And she has been able, in turn, to teach her passion, her knowledge accumulated and brought back from all over the world as well as the personal techniques she developed during her career, to her team. Today, Miss Feionkah relies on a solid, well-trained historical base, which is handed over to young recruits. A real workshop of young artists where the know-how of chocolate making is passed on from generation to generation, creating a tradition of art of chocolate in Saudi Arabia!

Published on 26 September 2018