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Mohamed Ramadan, the first Arab actor to get his playable character in a video game

The mobile battle royale game Free Fire, which is extremely popular among FPS (first-person shooter) fans in the Arab world, just got a brand new playable character, featuring Egyptian superstar Mohamed Ramadan. A first!

It is not particularly rare to see famous actors lending their image to video games, or even completely embodying a character from the video game universe, like Kevin Spacey or Kit Harington in opuses of the Call of Duty series, Norman Reedus in the very controversial Death Stranding, and, more recently, Keanu Reeves in the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077. But this is the first time an Arab actor has been offered a spot in the cast, and the news is likely to hit home, as neither the actor nor the game are unknowns.

Two giants meet up

Mohamed Ramadan is indeed no longer to be introduced. Actor, singer, rapper, he is a superstar in Egypt, the Middle East, and even more widely throughout the Arab world. And the medium that welcomes him into its ranks as a playable character is none other than Free Fire, the “Battle Royale” game (a variety of shooting game where players are released on an identical map all together, and must kill each other in order to be the sole survivor) from the development studio 111 Dots Studio, published by Garena for Android and iOS . Initially created in Morocco, the game, which has many similarities with the inevitable Fortnite, has quickly established itself as a reference of the genre, and has become the most downloaded mobile game of 2019.

While information is still missing about the release date of the new character and its abilities, there is no doubt that it should be a big hit with the community.

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Published on 29 March 2021

#Video Games