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“Moon Dubai”, the project that aims for the stars

The construction of a resort in the effigy of the lunar star has just been proposed to the Emirate of Dubai. A large-scale project, which should, if validated, be spread over 4 years, and mobilize a budget of about 5 billion dollars.

A Canadian architectural firm called Moon World Resorts Inc. intends to build a $5 billion lunar complex in Dubai. The company is proposing to build the 225-meter-high complex in Dubai, which could be ready in about 48 months.



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If it sees the light of day, the dead planet-looking resort is expected to be divided into two parts: a “lunar surface” and a “lunar colony.” In total, the structure should be able to accommodate 10 million visitors per year (2.5 million in the colony) and would include a wellness center and a nightclub, but also a training platform for space agencies and astronauts, as well as luxurious private residences called “Sky Villas”. The latter, 300 in number, will be available for purchase, offering their buyers access to an exclusive private club.

The claimed objective is: “to allow visitors to experience “affordable space tourism” on Earth.

Published on 14 September 2022