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Nadeem Bakhsh : “We are building the most incredible project right now”

Described as an “inspiring leader for the Kingdom” by Forbes Middle East in its “Top 100 Entrepreneurs Shaping Saudi Arabia’s Future”, Nadeem Bakhsh heads up one of the most successful digital agencies in the Arab world. Young, talented and driven, Nadeem is also looking forward to the future at a time when Saudi Arabia is undergoing the largest tech revolution in its history.

Fitted jacket, casual shirt, salt and pepper beard and round hipster glasses, Nadeem Baksh seems somewhat out of place alongside the more traditional qamis-wearing men attending the 2017 Misk Global Forum in Riyadh. Nevertheless, a small Saudi flag prominently pinned on the lapel of his jacket lest anyone mistake him for a foreigner.

Yet you’d be forgiven for thinking just that upon hearing Nadeem’s flawless English accent – not to mention his typically “British” résumé. An honors degree in Bioinformatics from the University of Manchester, another in Electronics Technology from Sunderland University… Nadeem Bakhsh may have cut his teeth in the UK, but when it came to his blossoming career, the Arabian Peninsula was the obvious choice. Director of UXBERT Labs, a renowned digital agency in Riyadh, Nadeem was ranked among the 100 entrepreneurs shaping the future of Saudi Arabia by Forbes Middle East in 2016, making him one of the tech industry’s leading voices when it comes to discussing the future of the Kingdom.

In light of the ambitious tech projects announced in Saudi Arabia, what would a tech entrepreneur say to Saudi people that chose to live and work abroad?

Nadeem Bakhsh : If you’re Saudi and you’re living abroad, come back home. Everything is changing. We need your help. We’re digitizing. We’re transforming. We’re getting feedback from everyone to make a better and stronger Saudi Arabia for the future.

How would you convince a foreigners to join the club?

Nadeem Bakhsh : If you’re a foreigner, come and help us. We need all the help we can get, we need all the expertise we can get. From a tech prospective, Saudi Arabia is getting pretty attractive. The amount of technology jobs here is insane. Every company, every building, everyone needs you: UX designers, developers, architects. Jobs are here.

In entertainment as well?

Nadeem Bakhsh : In terms of entertainment, we are building the most incredible, unimaginable, wildest projects right now. You should come and invest in them because as soon as they turn into reality, we will become the world’s most amazing place. I don’t even think I would travel again. I won’t need a passport. I’ll be vacationing here.

Published on 11 December 2017