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Najla Bouden, first female Tunisian Prime Minister, has formed a new government

“This is an honor for Tunisia and a tribute to Tunisian women,” said President Kaïs Saïed in an official statement when Najla Bouden was appointed Prime Minister on September 29.

This is a first in Tunisia: a woman, Najla Bouden, has been appointed Prime Minister and has just formed the new government that she presented to the President of the Republic this Monday, after several twists and turns in the political life of the country. This 63-year-old academic, unknown to the general public, taught geology at the National School of Engineering in Tunis for several years, and worked with the World Bank on the issue of youth employment in Tunisia, 30% of whom are unemployed.

A first step towards the feminization of Tunisian political life?

Although unknown to the general public as a political figure, Ms. Bouden represents, in spite of herself, the embodiment of a change in the political life of the country, or even the region. Her appointment has delighted several women’s rights activists, such as the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women, which confesses to having made this request to President Saied.

For the Tunisian political scientist Slaheddine Jourchi, the appointment of Ms. Bouden “is a positive thing, a recognition of the importance of the role of women in Tunisia and their ability to succeed in all areas,” he told AFP.

The government presented by the new Prime Minister today is composed of eight women, including several in key positions: Neila Nouira Gongi, Minister of Industry, Sihem Boughdiri, Minister of Finance, and Leila Jaffel, Minister of Justice, among others.

This is a sign of the real inclusion of women in the political life of the country.

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Published on 11 October 2021