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National Geographic to script the UAE journey into space

A pinch of satellites, a zest of rockets, all sprinkled with astronauts… The perfect recipe for a good documentary. National Geographic Television recently announced its intention to make a documentary on space travel in the United Arab Emirates in partnership with the Mohamed ben Rached Space Centre.

The cosmos, a new framework for documentaries? At least that is what the four-year partnership between the Mohamed ben Rached Space Centre and the National Geographic television channel suggests. The latter, known for its many enlightening coverages, announced its intention to produce a four-part documentary series to introduce viewers to the space trip organized and operated by the United Arab Emirates.

Several important milestones will be highlighted in this documentary, such as the launch of KhalifaSat, the first satellite developed by the Emiratis, and the “Emirates Mars” mission, the first Arab mission on Mars to be launched in 2020. It will also cover the plans of the country that wishes to establish a city on Mars by 2117 through the “March 2117 Strategy”.


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A documentary, but for what purpose?

“Our fascination with space goes back over 100 years and we have been passionate about bringing stories of new frontiers of exploration to audiences around the world since then”

Sanjay Raina, Executive Vice President of Fox Networks Group and Managing Director for the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan.

Today, this new project aims to present to the world the emergence of the United Arab Emirates in the field of space, its achievements and its important role in solving the environmental problems facing the earth today. At the same time, the documentary series will examine the feasibility of life beyond our planet, based on data collected in space and advanced research.


Published on 30 April 2019

#Arab world