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Neom: What’s the new city of Saudi Arabia going to look like?

It’s the project of the future, by Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane, which will bring the kingdom into a new era.

Neom, a “mega-village” of 26,500km2 , created in the northwest of the country, is a city that will be at the forefront of innovation, and the first in the world to be run totally from clean energy. Its cost: $500 million, as planned by the project Vision 2030. It should rise from the desert sands by 2050.

The bet on Neom, above all, is to operate exclusively from renewable energy. How so? It will have massive wind farms and vast solar panel fields.The location of the city has been carefully studied to ensure a plenty of sunshine and steady winds.

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Vertical farms, powered by solar energy

Seawater desalination plants will supply the population with clean, potable water. This same water will be used in agriculture: vertical farms, powered by solar energy, will save time and land compared to conventional agriculture.

The city’s economy will turn largely on innovation: nanotechnologies, robotics, biotechnologies, and more. Neom strives to be at the forefront of research, science and technology. As it will be hyperconnected, the city will feature taxi drones, as well as autonomous cars and public transports.

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An open city

The Neom model is intended to reflect the free and open vision that the Crown Prince has for the future of the kingdom. Sports, culture, hobbies, and recreation will find a strong place. The idea is to make Neom an open place in the world, where tourism will play a strong economic role.

Published on 23 March 2018

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