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Netflix releases a longer trailer for “Jinn”

The release of a longer trailer recently restarted the “hype” around the release of “Jinn”, the very first Arabic-language production of the streaming platform Netflix. The release date is set for June 13.

The story will take place in the Jordanian capital, Amman. She is focused on a group of teenagers whose lives are disrupted by the appearance of “jinns” (spirits) in the ancient city of Petra. From then on, the challenge will be to save the world, all the while dealing with friendships and student romances.

From what we learn in this new trailer, the protagonists should get to know two of these mythological creatures, who will each try to tip the balance in favor of good or evil.

Representing Arab youth

The series, which is aimed at a rather young audience, highlights young Jordanian talents such as Salma Malhas, Hamza Abu Eqab, and Sultan Alkhalil. It is also produced by brothers Elan and Rajeev Assani, known for having worked on series such as “Scandal”, “How to get away with murder” and “Suits”, and, as we have said before, directed by Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya, winner of the 2015 Golden Star of the Marrakech International Film Festival for his film “Very big shot”. The latter prides in being able to highlight Middle East’s “rich story teller’s culture”.  

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Published on 3 June 2019