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Norah Al-Haqbani, first Saudi woman to join the Arab Women’s Foundation

Twenty years after its creation, the Arab Women’s Foundation appointed Norah Al-Haqbani as a member of its board of directors. She is none other than the first Saudi woman to join the Foundation.

After the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, it is Saudi Arabia’s turn to have a seat at the Arab Women’s Foundation table. The association has announced the arrival of Saudi Arabian Norah Al-Haqbani on its board of directors.

Norah Al-Haqbani is a journalist with a long resume. She has worked in several national and Arabic media outlets such as the Saudi Gazette and OKAZ News, and is also a member of the National Union of Journalists, a British press union. Specializing in social issues, particularly women’s issues, she is now the first Saudi woman to join the Arab Women’s Foundation. Al-Haqbani was unanimously chosen by the board, “for her professionalism and various contributions to the women’s cause,” according to the deputy president of the Fatima Majed Al-Sirri Foundation.


20 years later… the Arab Women’s Foundation

Created almost twenty years ago, the Arab Women’s Foundation is a non-governmental organization whose aim is to strengthen the presence of Arab women in the social, political and economic fields through various programs. The foundation has a variety of members on its Board of Directors from different Arab countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Oman, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

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Published on 28 March 2019

#Women’s power