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Palestine has a chance at the Oscars 2020

After winning the special jury prize at the last Cannes Film Festival with his film “It must be heaven”, Palestinian director Elia Suleiman is now projecting across the Atlantic and aiming at the Oscar ceremony.

A small golden statuette, Elia Suleiman would be wrong to deprive himself of it. His satirical film, entitled “It must be heaven”, has already caused a sensation at the Cannes Film Festival and does not intend to stop there. He has indeed just been chosen to represent Palestine at the Oscars 2020, in the Best Foreign Language Film category. 


The film, in which the director himself plays, tells the story of a man who travels from Paris to New York in search of a new homeland but ends up finding similarities with his country of origin, wherever he goes. A semi-autobiographical account for this 59-year-old Palestinian


A regular in Paris and New York

Familiar with life in these two western metropolises, in which he lived for a long time, Elia Suleiman chose to represent them in such a way that the film highlights “the discrimination, oppression, all the collateral damage of the post-colonial world”. A difficult subject, which the film nevertheless manages to tackle while keeping a humorous hue. 


The filmmaker is used to winning prizes as he had already won the special mention of the jury at Cannes with his film “Intervention Divine”, released in 2002, as well as the prize for the best first film at the Venice Film Festival for Chronicles of a Disappearance, released in 1996. 

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Published on 22 August 2019