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Palestinian Nadeen Ayoub runner-up in Miss Earth pageant

Palestinian contestant Nadeen Ayoub came in 3rd place in the Miss Earth beauty pageant, held in Manila on 29 November. South Korean Mina Sue Choi was the winner.

The most beautiful women from each country, known as Misses after their participation in national beauty pageants, then meet each year to establish who can claim the title of the most beautiful woman in the world.

The first participation for Palestine

Her runners-up can claim titles symbolized by the different elements of fire, air, and water. And this last distinction was won by none other than Nadeen Ayoub, sports coach and nutrition consultant, and incidentally, the first candidate to have represented Palestine in this competition, which this year had 86 participants.



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Note that the Miss Earth pageant is one of the three other major international beauty pageants: Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss International.