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Plenty of new things to discover at Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi, founded in 2017, is planning new exhibitions for its Emirati and international visitors in conjunction with Dubai Expo 2020 and the celebration of 50 years of the United Arab Emirates. 

On November 11, the UAE Louvre promises new cultural outings that have something to delight its visitors. The program includes three international exhibitions, the launch of a new annual exhibition and art prize, and a permanent exhibition for children.

As the UAE celebrates its 50th anniversary and the fourth anniversary of the museum, the new exhibitions at Louvre Abu Dhabi will focus on the exchanges, links and connectivity between the UAE and the rest of the world. 

This program is in line with that of the Dubai World Expo, which also aims to highlight the commercial, diplomatic, and cultural ties between the countries, in addition to their discoveries and technological advances.



A rich and interactive program 


The Dragon and Phoenix exhibition, organized in partnership with the National Museum of Asian Arts in Paris, looks back at the artistic and cultural exchanges between China and the Arab world since the 8th century, and will run until February 12.

On November 11, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will present works of art from each of the seven emirates, as well as loans from other national museums and institutions, such as the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism and the Dubai Municipality, to celebrate 50 years of the Emirates. In December, the museum’s iconic dome will be transformed into an audio-visual installation that traces 50 years of the country’s history, and an ice rink will be open to children and teenagers in the afternoon!

In addition, to celebrate the museum’s anniversary, 59 new loans and 56 new acquisitions will be on display in the UAE Louvre’s galleries. These works come from the lending institutions of the France Museums network of artistic partners, among others, and will be installed among those in the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s permanent collection.

By the end of the year, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will have something for everyone to enjoy!