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Ramadan 2020: the TikTok challenge that raised $200,000

The teens’ favorite social network is definitely full of surprises. During the holy month of Ramadan 2020, the content creation platform partnered with UNICEF in a successful fundraiser for children in need.

The campaign drew on the notoriety of several local celebrities such as Yara, Khaled Selim, and Balqees Fathi. In a period traditionally marked by sharing and giving, these celebrities took part in the #JoyOfGiving challenge in which they put themselves out there, giving back to the community, whether it be cooking, cleaning, spending time with their families, etc. The challenge was a great way to raise funds for the children in need.

Informative lives

In addition, they organized and participated in live sessions that focused on UNICEF’s work and initiatives to provide essential assistance to children in need. They also shared their personal experiences during this period of COVID-19.


The videos and lives were included in the UNICEF accounts, resulting in a wide audience and considerable impact. Mission accomplished as the campaign totaled some 23 million views, and met its donation target of $200,000, which will be allocated to help disadvantaged children in the MENA region.

It should be recalled that, according to UNICEF, 99% of the population under the age of 18 currently lives in countries affected by travel restrictions and, more generally, by the COVID-19 crisis.

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Published on 12 June 2020