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Ramzi Boukhiam, the surfing champion from Morocco

This athlete from Morocco could dominate this new surfing season. Ramzi Boukhiam, a talented surfer for more than 10 years, is making his comeback on the podium and promises great performances for his country.

Ramzi Boukhiam grew up in Morocco between a Moroccan father and a European mother. After spending his early years taming the waves north of Agadir, the surfer moved to the Basque coast in France, the epicenter of surfing on the continent, where he gradually built his reputation.

A hope for Moroccan surfing

In 2012, he won the European Junior Championship for the first time before going on to win the Qualifying Series (QS). The following year, Ramzi finished second behind Gabriel Medina at the World Junior Championship. However, the surfer disappeared for a while after some pitfalls on his way and a long absence from the championships.


The return of the Moroccan champion

The goofy footer of 1m80 reappeared in time for the Olympic Games of Tokyo, designated flag bearer of the Moroccan delegation. Despite his early elimination from the Olympics, the surfer definitely seems to be making a comeback. This year, for the first QS of the season, Ramzi even dethroned his opponent Gabriel Medina again. He is now in second place in the European QS ranking and could well continue to climb the surfing hierarchy, until hoping for a world championship title!

Published on 30 March 2022