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Red Sea International Film Festival: Oliver Stone to be President of the Jury

Saudi Arabia’s first-ever international film festival will take place in Jeddah from 12 to 21 March 2020. Although much is still unknown, we already know that illustrious film personalities will take part, such as the American director Oliver Stone, who will chair the jury.

The Red Sea International Film Festival is a new annual event, held in Jeddah in western Saudi Arabia. It will focus on new cinematic trends, particularly in the field of storytelling. In addition, it aims to bring out young talents from the region, the Arab world, and more generally from the southern hemisphere.




Prestigious casting

In its desire to establish itself as an unmissable event on the world film scene, the festival is already taking on some big names. For example, the president of the jury will be none other than Oliver Stone, an American director, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, producer and actor, to whom we owe works such as Platoon, JFK, Born Killers and Snowden. He also wrote the screenplays for mythical films such as Scarface and Midnight Express. 


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Published on 18 February 2020

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