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FII: Richard Branson unveils pioneering Virgin project

Richard Branson on the stage of the FII.

Richard Branson on the stage of the FII.

Le forum économique de Riyad s’est fini sur une annonce surprise : un centre spatial sera construit dans la future ville dédiée aux loisirs de Riyad.

The three-day Future Investment Initiative announced an upcoming spatial facility on its final day, before 3,500 global economy stakeholders.

Virgin X Saudi Arabia: To Infinity and Beyond

Self-proclaimed adventurer and troublemaker Richard Branson took the stage after a short teaser video, to explain the scope of the budding sector’s applications. Small satellites servicing mankind and supersonic planes are all elements of the “educational and entertaining” project.

“Three years ago, we wouldn’t be standing here. We’re very proud to partner with Saudi Arabia.”

Richard Branson meets Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Richard Branson and the Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Branson also spoke of an upcoming partnership with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) which would enable this innovation, and more, through a $1 billion investment.