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Riyadh Home to a Major Entertainment Complex

With leisure, Saudi Arabia intends to develop its economy. Recently, the Kingdom announced its intention to pursue its ambition to create a city dedicated to leisure, with the upcoming creation of a huge entertainment complex based in Riyadh.

Entertainment at all costs

This massive 100,000 square metre project, led by the Saudi Entertainment Ventures Company (SEVEN), will include many open spaces and will be equipped with facilities for sports and entertainment.

With an initial financing of 10 billion riyals, or 2.67 billion dollars, Saudi Arabia is providing itself with considerable resources to attract many tourists to the Kingdom thanks to the new “sharek” visa and boost the leisure sector. It is no coincidence that Bill Ernest, a former Disney executive, has been appointed CEO of the future complex, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.


A complex in favour of employment

While the project aims to “make the region a must-see entertainment destination where families can picnic, enjoy the arts, relax, exercise and get some fresh air,” according to Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Dawoud, President of SEVEN, it will also create more than 22,000 jobs in the region through the 20 entertainment centres that will be opened in the coming years in the Kingdom.

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Published on 22 January 2019

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