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Salah, hero on and off the field

The Egyptian superstar of the round balloon illustrated himself again ten days ago, but this time, far from the green carpet and the Anfield arena where he built his legend. It was in a gas station that the footballer once again showed all his human qualities, helping a homeless man in a dangerous situation.

He is already considered a Messiah in his home town of Liverpool, in the north of England, where he shines every week with his ball at his feet, and where he has helped his club win numerous titles. But this time, it was not by his talent as a striker that the Egyptian touched the hearts of the fans, but by his kindness and bravery.

Just after he had played a major part in Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Arsenal, he stood up to a gang of men who were attacking a homeless man at a gas station.



After repelling the attackers, he donated 100 pounds (129 euros) to the homeless man.

In the street for 6 years, David Craig tells of having been bullied and insulted before the star’s intervention. Salah calmed the situation by opposing the men and talking with them. Once the situation calmed down, he went to the nearest ATM to give David Craig a 100 pound bill and return home.

The scene was captured by the gas station’s surveillance cameras.