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Saudi animation studio signs 5-year contract with Netflix

The Saudi animation studio Myrkott, which produced the excellent Masameer: The Movie, has just signed a five-year contract with the streaming platform Netflix.

We can expect to see more programs from Saudi Arabia and in connection with the Arab world in general, as the Myrkott studio has just signed a five-year contract with the American streaming giant.

The studio’s baby is called Masameer. A successful animated mini-series web series turned into a great movie about the adventures of a young AI-loving girl who tries to change the world while three friends turn into vigilante superheroes.

From this signature, we can expect new seasons of the series and, probably, one (or more) sequel(s) of the film.


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Why is this good news for the spread of Saudi culture? Quite simply because the series reflects it. Entitled Masameer in honor of a neighborhood located some 300 km from the capital Riyadh, it recounts adventures with which the viewer identifies, through an honest and realistic cultural prism. Admittedly, it is an animation program, but it is well anchored in reality. As an indication, on YouTube, the series counts no less than 600 million views for 100 episodes, which is considerable. Such a success is never insignificant.

In addition, the agreement also provides for the creation of a brand new series.

Nuha el Tayeb, Director of Product Acquisitions for the MENA region, said: “We are constantly investing in authentic Saudi Arabian stories to share their stories across the Arab world and around the world. We want to give our subscribers access to great stories that can take them anywhere”.


Une dimension sociétale

Abdulaziz Almuzaini, directeur général et co-fondateur de Myrkott, a déclaré que le groupe pensait au partenariat au-delà de ses aspects de production. “En travaillant avec Netflix, nous inspirons les talents saoudiens et arabes à rêver en grand et à soutenir un écosystème qui reconnaît l’égalité des chances, le talent et la créativité. Ce sont ces valeurs qui ont nourri Myrkott dans sa poursuite de l’excellence au fil des ans”.


A societal dimension

Abdulaziz Almuzaini, managing director and co-founder of Myrkott, said the group was thinking about partnership beyond its production aspects. “By working with Netflix, we inspire Saudi and Arab talent to dream big and support an ecosystem that recognizes equal opportunity, talent and creativity. These are the values that have nurtured Myrkott in its pursuit of excellence over the years.


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Published on 18 September 2020


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