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Saudi Arabia: 19 new archaeological sites listed in the National Register of Antiquities

The office of the Saudi National Tourism and Heritage Commission in Asir has added 19 new archaeological sites to the national register of antiquities. A decision that increasingly opens Saudi Arabia to tourism.

After the oil era, Saudi Arabia opened up to tourism. Recently, 19 new archaeological sites were added to the national register of antiquities by the office of the Saudi Arabian Tourism and National Heritage Commission of Asir. With these additions, the kingdom has listed no less than 214 historical sites in 2018.

Discovered in the provinces of Bisha, Tathlith and Balqarn, these new sites belong to the pre-Islamic and early Islamic periods. Their conservation is to the credit of the inhabitants of the surrounding villages who have managed to preserve them knowing the heritage carried by these sites.

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In accordance with the Vision 2030 plan, which aims to diversify the country’s economy, Saudi Arabia has invested heavily in tourism lately. To attract visitors to these places of beauty and knowledge, the Saudi state has launched several nomination campaigns for its historic sites over the past two years, some of which, like Rijal Alma, are now classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Published on 3 June 2019


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