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Saudi Arabia: Astonishing impacts of women driving on the labour market

A Bloomberg Economics report has recently declared that allowing Saudi women to drive could add up $90 billion to the Saudi Arabia’s economic output by 2030. Indeed, making women more mobile will allow them to participate more effectively and beneficially in the job market.

This is an astonishing conclusion from Bloomberg Economics report. Lifting the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia would bring $90 billion in the kingdom’s economic output as much income as selling shares. While the female participation rate in Saudi Arabia is the lowest of all other Gulf countries – with 22%, compared to 53% in Qatar, 42% in UAE or 30% in Oman – adding only 1% point to the Saudi participation rate every year may add about 70,000 more women a year to the labour market.

An unprecedented social change

This historic change is going to completely transform the employment landscape. These expectations are quite reliable, given that 82% of Saudi women are planning to take up driving, and that is  just for the current year.

Beside these improvements in terms quality, there will be more jobs for women especially in automotive and related sectors. Moreover, many currently unemployed women will get the opportunity to work, on the top of those who will have a wider access to city jobs leading to more important commuting for women from small towns driving to cities for higher paying work, as well as the fuel demand.

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Published on 31 July 2018

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