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Saudi Arabia: Learn all about falconry in the heart of Riyadh

Preparations are gathering pace for the third edition of the Saudi International Falconry and Hunting Exhibition, which will be held in the north of Riyadh from the first to the tenth of October at the Saudi Falcons Club headquarters in Malham.

Birds of prey enthusiasts should note the date in their agendas! The third edition of the Saudi International Falconry and Hunting Exhibition begins on the first of October, in the small town of Malham, a short distance north of Riyadh. This is an opportunity to learn as much as possible about this ancestral tradition that has become an institution in the country. 

By definition, falconry is the art of training birds of prey, especially falcons, for hunting. In the eastern region, these birds are carefully selected as only the fastest, strongest, most beautiful and cleverest falcons are trained by the breeders.

The show also aims to present and preserve the Kingdom’s falconry heritage and pass it on to future generations, while highlighting the true values of this passion, such as breeding, caring for and hunting the falcon as a symbol of the territory and a historical emblematic tradition inherited from ancient culture.

The exhibition will be held in an area of 36,000 square metres and will bring together representatives from more than 20 countries, over 350 exhibitors and almost 30 specialist departments.

An event not to be missed by all fans.