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Saudi Arabia: Tourist visas extended free of charge

After the complete shutdown of the country’s borders that followed the global spread of the novel coronavirus, the country’s activity is gradually resuming, and tourists who had planned to visit it will certainly soon have the opportunity to do so.

While international flights have not yet resumed, the announcement has already been made for domestic flights from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And while activity is gradually resuming in the country, the government has just announced the automatic extension of all tourist visas for a period of three months. The news was confirmed by the Saudi Press Agency, the national news agency.

Covid had a bad timing

It should be remembered that, if the country’s borders were not absolutely airtight, it was, until recently, impossible to visit the country for tourism outside the religious framework. It was only last September that Saudi Arabia opened its borders to tourists from all over the world, who were then able to obtain visas with just a few clicks. These visas, for those who unfortunately had not yet had the opportunity to use them, have now been extended free of charge for a further three months. The Directorate-General for Passports has specified that the process is fully automated.


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Travellers therefore have several months ahead of them to discover the country’s hidden treasures, such as AlUla, Al-Soudah, or Al-Diriyah.

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Published on 27 May 2020

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