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Saudi-backed Lucid Motors is the best competitor for Tesla

Lucid Motors

The Californian electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors, backed by a Saudi Arabian public investment fund, has just unveiled a sedan so high-performance that it makes its creator Tesla's main competitor.

In the electric vehicle market, there is clearly a move to be made. Saudi Arabia has sensed it and bet on the right horse by investing on Lucid Motors. The Californian manufacturer has just unveiled to the public a sedan so energy-efficient that it is on the way to becoming Tesla’s main competitor, a benchmark in the sector until now.

The model is called Lucid Air, and what makes it so special are two essential elements of a 100% electric vehicle: range and charging time. And on these two points, the Saudi-backed manufacturer has created a high-performance model.


Lucid Motors


A technical feat

Confident, Tesla’s challenger announced that the Lucid Air will be the fastest-charging electric vehicle ever offered, with a charging capacity of up to 32 km per minute. In real-world conditions, this translates into a range of 483 km in just 20 minutes of charging. Convincing. It also has a range of 832 km on a single full charge. This means that the Air, which is scheduled for global launch on September 9, now has the longest range of electric vehicles in the world. This feat is made possible by the manufacturer’s long experience and perfect mastery of new technologies, particularly battery technology: in fact, this rapid charge level is made possible by a 900V+ electrical architecture, customized lithium-ion battery cells, a highly sophisticated battery and a thermal management system. Be warned Elon, Lucid is coming for you.