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Saudi women celebrate the first anniversary of the right to drive in an original way

One year after the lifting of the driving ban on women in Saudi Arabia, Saudi women, in partnership with Volkswagen, have just created the Kingdom’s first women’s car club, an original way to celebrate their first birthday.

On 24 June 2018, Saudi Arabia distinguished itself by lifting the ban on women driving in the Kingdom. A year later, on the occasion of this emblematic anniversary, it is the turn of the Saudi women themselves to make their mark. Several Saudi women, including one of Careem’s first captains, Ammal Farhat, have joined forces with German automotive giant Volkswagen to create the Kingdom’s first ever women’s car club.


We had the opportunity to drive a year ago and what a difference this year has made to thousands of women in Saudi Arabia. The Volkswagen Women’s Car Club unites us in a way we never thought possible. Now that we can drive, we feel more autonomous and have a greater sense of independence and control over our own lives

Ammal Farhat, club director




A car club, a guarantee of freedom


Since the ban was lifted, nearly 50,000 driving licenses have been issued to Saudi women. With this car club, the new drivers also hope to forge friendships between them, cross borders and organize events to reunite families and dialogue with women from the region and around the world.


Our goal is to continue to develop the women’s car club and organize events that will bring more of us together to share our unique experiences and have fun. It is an exciting time for everyone involved

Ammal Farhat, club director

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Published on 25 June 2019


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