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Syria, Tunisia, Algeria… 4 secret islands of the Mediterranean

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, mysterious islands are hidden, rarely inhabited and only accessible by boat. Connecting more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the Mediterranean Sea is full of stories, legends and well kept treasures. Among these, here are 4 where time seems to have stopped.

1 – The Habibas Islands in Algeria

Off the coast of Oran, about thirty kilometers away, the Habibas archipelago looks like a gigantic rock emerging from the water. A landscape that makes Algerians proud! From the beaches of Madagh, Cap Blanc or the port of Bouzedjar, you must contact someone with a boat to go to these islands. Stunning, they are known for having welcomed in 1977 Commander Cousteau and his famous ship: the Calypso. Since 2003, the Habibas Islands have been classified as a marine nature reserve by UNESCO.

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2 – The Galite in Tunisia


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While Tunisia is one of the most popular tourist destinations, it is nevertheless home to a little-known island of volcanic origin: La Galite. Uninhabited since the 60s, the archipelago consists of six islets difficult to access. It is certainly for this reason that La Galite has preserved its wild side. The authorities have made it a protected area. It is however possible to go there by renting a boat in the coastal city of Tabarka.

3 – Palm Island in Lebanon


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Located northwest of the city of Tripoli, the Palm Island is a natural reserve protected since 1995. It is home to an exceptional marine fauna, sea turtles, seals, but also nesting birds. A haven of peace renowned for its crystal clear waters that is a delight for divers and kite surfers. To get there, go to the port where fishermen offer the crossing.

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4 – The island of Arwad in Syria


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If since 2011 the island of Arwad is little visited because of the war, there was a time when tourists came to have a good time and taste fresh fish. Since ancient times, the island has been home to a community of sailors and fishermen. On the shore, you can see them repairing boats or designing fishing nets. The only island on the Syrian coastline, as well as on the coastline of Egypt, Arwad has always been coveted for its strategic location.

Published on 20 March 2023